You will receive $75 for your time.


  • Someone from the study will ask you questions about your health by telephone.
  • ​You will then answer questions to make certain that you qualify for the study. 
  • If you qualify, we will set up an appointment to come in for a visit.
  • You will complete a confidential questionnaire which will ask questions about you and your cigarette use. 
  • ​You will also be asked to place a small amount of urine (pee) in a tube so that we can test it for nicotine and marijuana. Girls will also have their pee tested for pregnancy. Your parents will not have access to these results.
  • You will then go to the MRI scanner.
  • MRI scanners do NOT use radiation (like an X-ray) so you do not have to worry about radiation exposure. 
  • During the scanning, you will be asked to look at pictures.  Some of the pictures are of objects related to smoking such as cigarettes and ash trays, and others are not related to smoking such as pencils and pens.   
  • ​After the completion of the MRI scanning, you will be given information on the risks of smoking and if you smoke cigarettes, you will be given the option to receive some brief counseling from the researchers on ways to quit smoking. 

If you are interested in the study 

The entire visit will last

1.5-2 hours.

When you come in for the study